Coach house


The Koetshuis served as a horse stable and the coachman's residence in the early 20th century. Around 1974, the Coach House already served as a guesthouse for ten people. Since then, it has been fully adapted to modern living requirements.


Villa Eikhold and the Coach House, built in 1912, were occupied by Ir. Jan and Paula Koster. As a result, the villa was also called "Villa Koster". The Koetshuis, now hidden behind a large hedge, served as a horse stable and the coachman's residence.

By 1974, the Koetshuis was already serving as a guesthouse for ten people, until it was rejected as a guesthouse by the municipality of Heerlen in 1984.

It was not until 1990 that negotiations were started for a renovation with the aim of making the Coach House suitable as accommodation during the peak season with additional meeting and discussion space. Finally, the Coach House was festively reopened on 20 November 1993. To this day, the Koetshuis serves as an overnight accommodation for up to eight people. In autumn 2022, the Koetshuis was thoroughly renovated, including a completely new kitchen.

The Koetshuis has a living area with open kitchen on the ground floor, a large bathroom and a double bedroom suitable for disabled persons. On the first floor there are two three-person bedrooms.You are also welcome to use the villa's beautiful garden during your stay in the Koetshuis, in addition to your own terrace.