Walking with Eikhold:

Via Coriovallum

Dutch Mountain Trail

    12/05/2024 – 16/05/2024
    Villa Coriovallum Eikhold
    06/10/2024 – 10/10/2024
    Villa Coriovallum Eikhold

Via Coriovallum 12-16 May 2024

€295 (Non-members €335)


Via Coriovallum 6-10 October 2024

€290 (Non-members €330)


On Sunday, we will get to know each other and get information about the route over coffee/tea with Limburg flan.
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we will walk three distances of about 17 km. Thursday departure or perhaps a visit to the Roman Baths at the Thermen Museum.

Includes: guidance by Marijke and Cor den Heijer, sheet set, coffee/tea+pastries, breakfast, packed lunch, dinner and 2 drinks per day.

Info:; phone 071 54 11 767

Dutch Mountain Trail

Experience the mountain feeling in the Netherlands!

Natuurvriendenhuis Eikhold in Heerlen cordially invites you to come and experience the mountain feeling in the Netherlands! Especially for hiking enthusiasts who like to spend time in the mountains, we have started several Dutch Mountain Trail packages in September and October 2021. We offer group packages of 3, 4 or 6 hiking days. Hiking the Dutch Mountain Trail individually is also possible, book the days you want and ask at reception for the beautiful hiking guide and information set. A godsend for people who want to stay closer to home in these expensive times!

The challenging Dutch Mountain Trail (DMT) connects the 'seven summits', the seven highest peaks in South Limburg and the border regions with Germany and Belgium. The route is 101 kilometres long and leads past 'Alpine' meadows, fast-flowing streams and rock faces, constantly offering spectacular views. In short, on this trail you imagine yourself in the mountains, but close to home. The trail starts at Wilhelminaberg in Landgraaf and ends on the last day at Observant in Maastricht. From the seven peaks, each valley is different and surprising.

Pathways in groups

Eikhold organises DMT group pathways or hosts participants in pathways organised by others. Currently, all group pathways are fully booked until autumn 2024 and there is no possibility to apply.

It will be announced here when registration is possible again.

Individual pathways

Do you prefer to walk individually or with a buddy? That is also possible. The individual trails are on a self-guided basis, unaccompanied by a guide. You choose which days you walk on the Trail. Of course, you can also walk the whole Trail in 6 days.

The trails can be booked on any dates you wish. Eikhold helps you on your way with maps to the different pick-up points, furthermore you follow the route description as described in the DMT hiking guide, available at Eikhold. Group packages include this DMT walking guide worth €19.95.

Walking In South Limburg

South Limburg unmistakably possesses its own identity in terms of geology and landscape. One already imagines oneself more or less abroad.

Nivon has 14 walking twodays across the country that start and end at a train station. After the first day, you stay overnight in the middle of nature in a nature friends' house. You bring your own food, the rest is provided for you. You can walk the walking two days by yourself, or you can join a group.

A bed is waiting for you in all the Friends of Nature Houses and you can use spacious kitchens with equipment and eating utensils, shower rooms, seating areas, terraces and gardens. Check out the route map and route description with information on what to see along the way and where there are catering facilities. And book the overnight stay at the Friends of Nature House.

Walking in South Limburger

South Limburg unmistakably possesses its own identity in terms of geology and landscape. One already feels more or less like being abroad. The speech is different, the people are different in nature, as is the way houses and courtyards are built. Nature also differs substantially from the rest of the Netherlands. To discover this remarkable South Limburg landscape, a hike is a very convenient option. Hollow roads between lushly vegetated verges, shaded by alder bushes and hazel trees, lead through an un-Dutch hilly landscape, in which streams sputter and ancient castles are hidden.

OV Walking two-day event Limburgs Heuvellan

Imagine yourself abroad in our own Limburg hills. Fields and meadows, old farms, castles and marl quarries. The next day through stegelkes, past pollard willows, thorny hedges and over hollow roads. Pretty villages and breathtaking views.

The first day (18.5 km) from NS station Spaubeek to Natuurvriendenhuis Eikhold (in Heerlen). The next day (18.5 km) to NS station Schin op Geul.


Park City Tourism for Tomorrow Award

Region Parkstad Limburg is winner in the 'Best World Travel Destination' category of the Tourism for Tomorrow Award 2016!

Tourism of Tomorrow Award

WTTC stands for World Travel & Tourism Counsil and is based in America. Every year, this global authority on travel and tourism chooses the world's most progressive travel destination, among others. Never before has the Netherlands been nominated for a WTTC Award, let alone a region in the Netherlands as the best travel destination. Parkstad Limburg, South Limburg, the whole of Limburg is proud!

Oakhold stamping place of Via Coriovallum

Via Coriovallum is a new walking and pilgrimage route in southern Limburg. The route totals 90 km and follows all kinds of pilgrim paths. How much of the route you want to do and how long you take is up to you. The walk can be split up and you can also opt for a guided tour from a starting point of your choice. There are plenty of resting points along the route. You can order a pilgrim's passport and get stamps at various places along the way, now also at Eikhold.