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Villa Eikhold is located on the outskirts of Heerlen and is surrounded by a large park-like garden. The villa has 34 bedrooms ranging from 2-bed to 6-bed rooms. Furthermore, the villa has a library, a lounge, a large dining room, a recreation room with TV and a large kitchen. Free wifi is available throughout the building and should you wish to rent a bicycle, we also offer that possibility.

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Friends of Nature House Eikhold

Natuurvriendenhuis Eikhold

At Eikhold, you get the full taste of Limburg and find yourself in and among hills, castle farms, half-timbered farms, water mills, marl quarries, stream valleys, atmospheric villages and breathtaking views. The house is also close to the Brunssummerheide and cities such as Maastricht, Liège and Aachen.

  • House with history

    Villa Eikhold was built in 1913 and was privately owned for a long time, until it was transferred to Stichting Natuurvriendenhuizen in Amsterdam, today's Nivon, in 1955. Later, a sleeping wing was added, making room for eighty beds. A beautiful garden adjoins the house, where you can sit outside.

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  • Concerned

    A hallmark of the house is definitely social engagement. We open up to everyone. From people with disabilities to Pinkpop guests, students and hiking groups. The house is close to a college and university and therefore people from all over the world come to stay at Eikhold.

  • Volunteers

    A striking feature at Eikhold is the large number of volunteers, who are involved in all activities within a Friends of Nature House: from keeping the house clean and maintaining the large garden to technical maintenance and administrative matters.

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    Care for the environment and the art of enjoyment come together at the apiary, located on the Eikhold property. Upon request, workshops about bees can also be organised. And the honey, of course, is just available at Eikhold.

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The new building

A new construction/sleeping wing was built at the rear façade of the villa in 1979 to expand the accommodation facilities: 28 double rooms. This part is not listed and is connected to the villa by a corridor.

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Friends of Nature houses and camping sites

Friends of Nature Houses are in the most beautiful natural areas by the sea, on the moors or in the woods. You will find peace, beauty, plenty of space for your children to play and you will easily make contact with others. A stay offers a private bedroom, shared use of the kitchen, dining room, sanitary facilities and free wifi. The houses are very suitable for groups and family gatherings. Friends of Nature Houses are managed by volunteers. Staying overnight is cheap. If you are a member of Nivon, the benefit increases and children can stay for free.

Nivon campsites are located in the middle of Dutch nature; from Limburg hills to the middle of a polder landscape to forests. Pure tranquillity and enjoyment of nature. Nivon has eight camping sites spread throughout the Netherlands.

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